About CRC

COMPETITION RESEARCH CENTER is a non-governmental non-political public organization created for professionals and experts in the field of competition regulation, markets, international trade, consumer protection, intellectual property to protect and satisfy legitimate interests of the fair, including small, business, consumers, territorial communities, people and society of Ukraine.

Purpose and principles

The purpose of the Organization is: protection of rights and freedoms, satisfaction of public, including economic, social, consumer and other interests of members of the Organization, as well as fair economic competition between businesses, protection of consumer rights and small business in Ukraine and protection of intellectual property rights.

The Organization operates on principles:

1) voluntariness,

2) self-government;

3) free choice of territory of activities;

4) equality before the laws;

5) prevention of lobbying the interests of individual entities management contrary to the general economic well-being of Ukrainian society;

6) transparency, openness and publicity.

How to become a Member of the Organization

Members of the Organization may be natural persons: citizens of Ukraine, foreigners, as well as stateless persons who are in Ukraine on legal grounds, who have reached 14 years of age, recognize the Charter of the Organization and actively contribute to the implementation of its statutory tasks.

Admission of members to the Organization is carried out by the decision of the Council of the Organization. Membership in the Organization is voluntary and individual.

The basis for admission to membership in the Organization is the application of a person considered by the Council of the Organization within one month.